Nicole Hayden

Hi.  I'm Nicole.  I'm a boy mom to three very active, always challenging, ever wonderful little men, and a Toledo, Ohio native.  I'm drawn to the eclectic and the classic, I appreciate deep and fun conversations, and I thrive in simplicity.  After the birth of my third son, I found myself painting during their nap time as a way to help me relax and reconnect with myself - as it turns out, I wasn't half bad.  The more I painted, the more passion I found for this buried form of expression.  I loved that watercolor seemed to have a mind of it's own when it hit the paper - I could tell it where to go, but mostly it did it's own thing and it led me.   

While I am drawn to the classics and simple beauty, I am inspired by honesty, fearlessness, and bold passion.  I believe that Art should tell a story, but that story doesn't always have to be the same story.  You and I may look at the same drawing and feel very different emotions, and both of us may feel completely different than what the artist felt while they held their paint brush.  Art is always in motion, ever changing and always personal.  It was this that gave life to Artful Greets.  I am grateful, every day, to be able to use my talent to help you express yourself, or your feelings, to those you care about.  I believe that a picture really can be worth a thousand words.  


Xoxo Nicole.